sac- detroit trade possible?

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sac- detroit trade possible?

Sacramento gets Stuckney and villaneuva and the pistons lotto pick this year
Detroit gets Evans and Cousins

kings would look like Thornton, stuckney,brooks, and Jimmer
Thompson, Robinson and villeneuva add 2 lotto picks looks like solid nine man rotation

Detroit gets Monroe, Drummond, and cousins a very scary frontcourt.
Bynum, Evans, and calderon would make a solid backcourt.

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Sacramento would be FOOLS to

Sacramento would be FOOLS to trade their 2 best players for

1.a pick in a weak draft
2.a shooting guard that cant shoot, Stuckey is shooting only 39% fg
3.and an overpaid bench player....

If they made that trade,the City wouldnt put up a fight about them about leaving town anymore..

Kevin Johnson and the fans would HELP THEM PACK!!!

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Might be the worst fake trade

Might be the worst fake trade I've ever seen. Even though the Pistons would love a trade like this. They already have their frontcourt set

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Last thing Detroit needs it's

Last thing Detroit needs it's cousins on their team to run amuck. I don't care how talented he is, the guy needs to be around veterans not another young team

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No...just no.

No...just no.

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Some trade ideas are just

Some trade ideas are just head shakers and this is definitely a head shaker. Unbelieveable. cbeckerman must be a Piston fan.

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