SA vs Utah

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SA vs Utah

How good is the matchups between Jefferson vs Duncan and Parker vs Harris? Or just San Antonio vs Utah... This is a true basketball fans' type of game/series... Doesn't have the names of the other games, but the team play is so much better.. Anyone with me?

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I Really really like Derrick

I Really really like Derrick Favors. Future its now.

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Who is the biggest name

Who is the biggest name player on the Jazz team? Harris or Jefferson?

Who is the best player for the Jazz?

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Jefferson is the best player

Al Jefferson is the best player for the Jazz at the moment. Down the road Idk the team has some very good young talent Favor, Kanster, Burks,Gordan, so any of these young guys has a shot.

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Jazz Lack Leadership

The closest we saw to someone taking control in this game was Harris early and we saw flashes from Favors and Burks. Al Jeff had a nice stat line, but he was absent on D too often. I've expected more from Hayward than what I've seen through 3 games. This will be a sweep now. Hopefully someone can take the reigns of this franchise by next year, whether it be one of the young guns stepping up (Favors, Hayward) or a FA acquisition that fills a need.

While it's true that Al is probably the best player right now, the Jazz can't be great if he's their best player. In fact, they probably need him to be the 3rd best player to really move to contender status.

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The future may be bright for the Jazz

They are clearly in a rebuilding mode, Favors and Kanter are clearly their big men of the future.

Hayward is already a good SF and will get better with experience.

Burks is showing flashes, he needs experience and tune his jumpshot a bit.

They have their 4 positions of the future, they just need a solid floor general now.

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