Ryan Anderson

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Ryan Anderson

So I've been watching the end of the Magic-Celtics Game and Ryan Anderson had 33 points. I don't know what his shooting has been, but i've seen 3 straight dunks from a layup that was goaltended.
The only thing that bothers me is the person he's been defending is Coby Karl who has 19 Points and has went to the lines a couple of times since I've been watching. Final Score 85-82. Orlando Won. Ryan Anderson really impressed me. I knew he was good, but all of the inside game he had...
Next Up Utah vs. 76er's/Nets? I think the Nets are part of them. Pretty good players in the next game.
Maynor vs. Holiday.

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Holiday really dissapointed

Holiday really dissapointed offensively yesterday, wanna see if he will rebound

Terrence Williams is also playing for the Net/Sixers and he REALLY dissapointed yesterday with only 2 points, shooting 1/8

In case anyone didnt get to see it, hears the boxscore for that game yesterday they had against Hansbrough and the Pacers

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Ryan Anderson

I do not think people should sleep on him. It is summer league, and he is the only guy on his team who will likely make the roster, but at least he is playing like he deserves it. His throw-in with Vince made the trade more than worth it, and he is a skilled tweener type forward. He killed the Pac-10 for at least a couple years and had a pretty impressive rookie year. I do not think he will be starting, but he might be one of their key pieces off the bench and provide some shooting/scoring out of the post that they have missed, plus he has a little toughness to him as well to make up for what he lacks athletically.

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