Russ Smith

Looking back at when players were announcing that they were going to enter the draft and Russ Smith pulled out of the draft. I just didn't get his reasoning and a lot of other people who said he would be a second round pick. In my eyes Russ Smith resembles Allen Iverson in his game if AI could go 1 why couldn't Russ go in the first round at least. There both 6ft guards with elite quickness and great defensive instincts players who love to attack the basket the only thing Russ is missing is the passing in his game that AI had. I welcome opinions even if you disagree and give me begs just my opinions on Russ

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Slap in the face to AI. Your

Slap in the face to AI. Your talking about a guy that lead the league in scoring and a subpar team to the finals all the while not practicing. So no, not even close.

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Never I know how good

Never I know how good Iverson was I'm not saying Russ will reach his level but a poor mans AI is what I think when I watch him play.

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not even poor man AI.... this

not even poor man AI.... this is a horrible comparison man.. ur comparing the best 6'0'' player ever to a guy whos a fringe nba player.... what?!? *Vince Vaughn voice*

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I'm frpm Louisville and a

I'm frpm Louisville and a huge Cardinal fan so I have seen Russ plenty of times up close at games. He doesn't have a position and he needs the ball to be effective offensively. He is not a good enough shooter for a guy 6'0 and very slight. His decision making can be absolutely horrible at times. He will never have the ball in his hands at the NBA level as much as he does here and he is not very efficient. Russ is an outstanding college player at this point but by no means do i think his game fits the NBA level. An Allen Iverson comparison is laughable because that guy is a hall of famer and did incredible things for a guy his size, and i think AI's basketball IQ was underrated. In no way do I ever see Russ coming close to how good Iverson was.

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He is similar in play style,

He is similar in play style, so I see what you are saying. Not that Smith will ever be close to as good. I like Smith as a prospect and think he could be a nice backup combo guard in the NBA. I would love to see him on the Warriors, as his slashing ability is pretty special for a small guard. On a slow-paced team, he could just get lost in the shuffle, but I think he could warrant a first round grade for certain teams if he shows improvement in his jump shot and decision making next year.

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I swear I've seen this same

I swear I've seen this same thread here before....

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wtf did i just read

wtf did i just read

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Bad conparison

If he resembled Allen Iverson he'd be in the draft..

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Russ Smith

I had a hard time with comparisons for him...

Kemba Walker (but Kemba is a better shooter)

Quincy Douby (Russ is shorter but more athletic)

Rodrigue Beaubois

any of these make sense?

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I see some Kemba in him.

I see some Kemba in him. Russ obviously isn't as good of a scorer as Kemba, but I see the similarities in their game.

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Not even a homeless mans AI

There style is similar but so is the guy who shoots mid range fade aways and layups with his tongue out at YMCA pick up games and Micheal Jordan.

Russ better watch his back because there is a kid named Terry Rozier who may take his job. He is a similar combo guard (will chuck if given green light) but better defender and more disciplined.

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Saying that Rozier is a

Saying that Rozier is a better defender than Russ is absurd, especially with Rozier never having played a college game. Russ was arguably the best defensive player in college ball last year.

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Blasphemy comparing the best

Blasphemy comparing the best small in nba history (no disrespect Isaiah) AI was something we never saw and haven't seen yet. A 6ft warrior that wasn't afraid of anyone. Put up great numbers and stepped over Tyron lue's career.

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This is rather embarrassing...

Who the f*&# wrote this? Really? I am a member of the Russdiculous fan club, but I need some of what you're smoking to see this comparison... AI is one of the top 5 shot creators ever to play the game. His quickness, ball handling, inventiveness and fearlessness are unparalleled in a man his size. Russ is a good college player and a goofy personality... but let's get real. He ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, he's a 22 year old Senior to be, he makes poor decisions, and he posts videos of himself watching '2 Girls 1 Cup' on YouTube...

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Russ Smith will probably be a

Russ Smith will probably be a mid 2nd rounder next season, and here is why. Smith is essentially a 6' 160 lb shooting guard who's long range game is sub par by NBA shooting guard standards and his shot creation is sub par for NBA point guards. Russ is a high volume scorer, but a guy who needs a ton of shots to get his points. He was only a 42% shooter from the field and 32% from deep last season. Remember Scottie Reynolds who played for Villanova? They're pretty similar players when it comes to NBA translation, they don't have a position and their size makes them a liability on the defensive end.

I think maybe you're forgetting how good Allen Iverson was too. Take this into account...By Allen's 2nd year at G-Town, he was dropping 25 ppg on 48% shooting and 37% from deep, and pair that with the fact he was averaging a shade under 5 assists to go with that. Iverson also was blessed with a very long wingpsan for a guy his size and a vertical over 40''. Allen had the ball handling and shot creation ability to play point in the NBA. He was eventually shifted to a SG/Combo position, but Russ doesn't have that insane handle nor the ability to drop 5 apg while being a first option for his team. They're just two way different players on two very different talent teirs.

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Russ is a ball player. He

Russ is a ball player. He might not be a pure point guard. He is to small to be a two guard. But when he is on the court he makes things happen. Yes, he does do things that make you look at the game and go what was he thinking. Then he does other things that only he can do. He is a straight up ball player. Russ is one of the best perimeter defenders in the country. Oh yea and he gets buckets. Going back to school was a great idea. He can use this year to work on other aspects of his game to get himself in to the league. He might not be a first round pick but believe me next year at the combine and at workouts a lot of teams are going to take a strong look at Russ.

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