Rubio isn't disappoint

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Rubio isn't disappoint

He has talked

It's in spanish but he says "I'm not disappoint", "My dream is to play in NBA", "I thought that after the draft i would know where go"

Sorry for my bad english. ;)

Rubio is a beast
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Rubio isn't dissapoint

This isnt really that surprising. Everyone thought that he would want to play in Europe because his dad said he Might. Key word there is might. Even if he thinks he wont, Rubio will make the last decision. And he hasnt said anything that would make him seem like he doesnt want to be on the T-Wolves. It wasnt his dream outcome (or we didnt listen well enough to him), but he will play. The Timberwolves arent the worst team.
Also, Im pretty sure Hank Norel played with Rubio. That will encourage Rubio to come over now, because he would have a teammate to be with.

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