Royce White, games he could play.

Everybody is losing in the current situation (Houston with a good pick in this draft and white with his carreer). IF (big IF) Houston drafted Royce White with a plan (or something else more evolved than just "I suspend you cause you don't play") how many games could he play this season ?...

Let's assume White has a special calendar allowing him to travel in a special customized bus (PIMP my Rockets bus !) : he can play all the home games and some away games (not to far or with enough time to recover).

October :
wed 31 : at Detroit (21H)

November :
sat 3 : at Home
wed 7 : at Home
fri 9 : at Memphis (10H)
sat 10 : at Home
mon 12 : at Home
wed 14 : at Home
sun 18 : at LAL (22H)
mon 19 : at Utah (10H from LA and 24H for the return)
wed 21 : at Home
fri 23 : at Home
tue 27 : at Home
wed 28 : at OKC (7H)

December :
sat 1 : at Home
tue 4 : at Home
fri 7 : at SA (3H)
sat 8 : at Home
mon 10 : at Home
wed 12 : at Home
fri 14 : at Home
wed 19 : at Home
sat 22 : at Home
fri 28 : at SA (3H)
sat 29 : at Home
mon 31 : at Home

January :
wed 2 : at Home
fri 4 : at Milwaukee (19H)
sat 5 : at Cleveland (7H from Milwaukee and 20H for the return)
tue 8 : at Home
wed 9 : at New Orleans
tue 15 : at Home
sat 19 : at Minny (21H)
wed 23 : at Home
fri 25 : at New Orleans
sat 26 : at Home
mon 28 : at Utah (24H)
wed 30 : at Denver (16H for the return) Maybe you can skip one of these games...

February :
sat 2 and tue 5 : at Home
fri 8 : at Home
tue 12 : at Golden State (27H by road)
wed 13 : at LAC (21H by road for the return)
wed 20 : at Home
wed 27 : at Home

March :
sun 3 : at Home
wed 6 : at Dallas (3H)
sat 9 : at Phoenix (17H)
wed 13 : at Home
fri 15 : at Home
sun 17 : at Home
wed 20 : at Home
fri 22: at Home
sun 24: at Home
wed 27 : at Home
fri 29 : at Memphis (10H)
sat 30 : at Home

April :
mon 1 : at Home
sat 6 : at Denver (16 H)
tue 9 : at Home
fri 12 : at Home
sun 14 : at Home
prepare the PO or ... wed 17 : at LAL (21H)

PO could be very possible with the current format (difficult against portland but all the other west coast teams could work)

62 games... that's to say 75% of the regular season. Not so bad... better than 0 for everybody. And it could help you to compensate injuries from other wing players (sf and pf).

Don't you think it could be a better solution than confronting ?

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I personally think that the

I personally think that the money for this extra special treetment should come from his salary

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agree... but as a marketing


but as a marketing and sales teacher I 'd rather try to create something from this situation : kind of behind the scene documentary (..."the association"..."hard knocks"...) but only following White in his special rookie season...

could be really fun.

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No way it takes 17 hours to get from Houston to Phoenix

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16H13 for google map... but

16H13 for google map... but I'm in france so I really don't know in detail.

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I think he should find a

I think he should find a different career, this is the NBA if your not physically injured and you can't play all 82 games in the regular season, just quit.

Someone should just tell him to find a career that doesn't require you to fly from city to city on a nightly basis.

I've gone from liking him enough and hoping the cavs would trade up to draft him, now I just hate his guts with all this twitter and "feel sorry for me" crap.

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I'm so disappointed in this

I'm so disappointed in this whole Royce White think.
I saw the video of him and his story preparing for the draft and really liked this guy and hoped he will find ways to get over it or learn to live with it.

On the one hand you can say the Rockets knew what they got but the way how Royce handled this whole situation is absolutely and nothing but unprofessionell and immature. He isn't only destroying his own career but it's pretty sure no team will do this gamble again with players like him not to mention he is killing the reputation of other People with similar problems.

One thing I really don't understand. As far as I know, Royce never trained with the team over the last 2 months. To refuse to fly to games is one thing but to refuse playing in the LOCAL D-League or to just be with the team in Houston is flat out unacceptable to me.

On top of all that his Twitter actions and ongoing media statements are the best example of how to mishandle the media in this era.

Shut up and do your work or leave this League until you are able to do your work.

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he's not so "white"... in his

he's not so "white"... in his reactions.

he didn"t handle this situation the right way but the rockets should show him a different way to contribute to the team and be effective even with his illness.

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Although the author of this

Although the author of this post obviously went to some trouble, according to White a few months ago, travel is no longer an issue. He would fly when necessary and travel via bus when possible.

Whites concerns have nothing to do with travel anymore. He is claiming there is no acceptable medical protocal in place to deal with his "special needs". Bascially, if he has an anxiety attack, how should the situation be handled and by whom? Royce wants the doctors to have full authority over how he is managed with zero input from the Rockets staff. This is the latest impasse

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