Roy takes giant leap

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Roy takes giant leap

Brandon Roy was back -- for a day, anyway. Roy returned to real NBA play Wednesday night after a year away with a preseason-opening performance that predictably was both out of step and perfectly in tune. He didn't expect anything else in the Wolves' 84-70 victory over Indiana at the Fargodome, really. Roy hadn't played an NBA game since the 2011 playoffs. ...

Roy started in the backcourt alongside J.J. Barea and delivered a 13-point, four-rebound, one-assist, one-steal, one-turnover evening in which he sought to get his step back. Roy was slow to find it Wednesday night, then discovered something of his former All-Star self just after halftime by scoring eight third-quarter points, including his team's first six coming out of intermission.

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"He makes (my game) a lot

"He makes (my game) a lot easier. I can move without the ball and just trust that he'll make the right decision. It's as simple as that. I really don't have to work (as) hard to get opportunities. I find openings within the defense, and he makes the defense pay."

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