Roundball Daily Mock Draft

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Roundball Daily Mock Draft

Roundball Daily just posted their mock draft. I think it's pretty accurate-looking, except for McCollum at 6...seems high

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I stopped reading when they

I stopped reading when they said McLemore had the clutch gene.

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Not too sure how MCW makes

Not too sure how MCW makes sense for Philly when they already have two ball dominant guards why add a 3rd?

I feel like the Bucks have to go for a shooting guard because Ellis is out unless they pay him and why would Reddick stay?

Its hard to see Burke fall that far, theres always one player but i doubt its the best point guard in the draft.

I really don't like the explanation they gave for Giannis Adetokoubo, i think its a great pick but the explanation is way off.

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Deshaun Thomas

His defense is painful to watch. Would be disappointed to see the Cavs reach on him this high.

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Garbage mock

Garbage mock

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Not bad, but some weird

Not bad, but some weird explanations. Would the Wolves take Oladipo? A Rubio/Oladipo backcourt does give much offense firepower. I think they shouldn't be afraid to go after another big. Olynyk would fit well within Adelman's system.

And Deshaun Thomas is 'a big man prospect with athleticism?' Off the mark on that blurb.

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Do these muppets

Do these muppets expect me to believe that Trey burke is going to be taken at 12? Steven Adams won't be taken in the first round? That DeShaun Thomas is an "athletic" big man?

No offence, but this is probably the most inaccurate mock so far, not trying to put them down, but it must just be misjudgment on their behalf

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Hahaha this one got me "This

Hahaha this one got me

"This just feels like a Blazers pick. They always seem to fall in love with stiff, lengthy centers who bring little offensive skill to the low post."

Ummm yeah, cause they just drafted one last year....

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They lost me when they said

They lost me when they said Otto Porter isn't ready to contribute. I literally just read a 5 on 5 that called him the most NBA ready. This mock would be considerably less foolish if they just kept their comments to themselves. Even then, some of the picks they made have me scratching my head. If OKC doesn't take a big man, I'll be really surprised. And DeShaun Thomas at 19??? I like DeShaun Thomas for the Cavs...but with the 31st pick. Not the 19th.

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If I keep seeing him taken by the Jazz, I'm a gonna hurl.

Do any of these mocks pay attention to the needs of the team? I wouldn't care if the Jazz pick TWO PG's in hope that one of them turn out. Where is Schroeder here? And even if they don't pay attention to needs, Gonzaga players haven't set the NBA on fire since Stock.

The Jazz will probably pick at least one PG in this draft, the available prospects aren't surefire all-stars at that position, but they might get lucky and get a long time starter out of this 'weak' draft.

I don't think this draft is that weak, just devoid of superstars.

With Kanter and Favors, the Jazz don't need to draft a center, but if they did, Adams would be my choice. Defense, baby. Olynyk seems like a Jefferson clone all right, all offense and no defense. Kanter will supply plenty of offense, and play decent defense.

Bad fit for the Jazz. The Jazz also need 3 point shooting, and if they did pass up KCP for Olynyk, that wouldn't thrill me either.

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