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since the Hawks are most likely resigning Bibby, which I love, the Hawks now have a solid 4 in the backcourt with Biiby, JJ, Teague and Crawford. What happens with Marvin Williams now? does he sign the 1yr qualifying offer? or do we sign and trade him for a big man which ATL is in dire need of? I was doing some thinking, and we could sign and trade him for...

ERIC DAMPIER- he's on the trrade block since Gortat signed

TYSON CHANDLER- he's on the block for sure and NO needs a 3 man since Pejas career is just about over

ANDERSON VAREJAO- Cavs want a swingman like Marvin who can guard 2-4 spots

EDDY CURRY- so before you blast me for this, its just a thought but if he's in shape which is a HUGE IF, he is one of the best offensive centers in the league plus Marvin would be perfect for the crazy offense in NYC

I mean if we lose Marvin, then we can go after someone like Matt Barnes, Keith Bogans, Desmond Mason, Joey Graham to back up Josh Smith.

The free agent bigs that would fit what we need if we decide to hold onto Marvin are

Antonio Mcdyess
Chris Wilcox
Melvin Ely
Sean May
Rasho Nesterovic
Brian Skinner
Jamal Magloire
Chris Mihm
Shelden WIlliams
Sean Marks
Theo Ratliff
Channing Frye
Jake Voskuhl

this is some stuff i was thinking about. ATL is the 4th best team in the East and if we make the right moves, theres a chance we can make some noise and build off of last year. let me know what you guys think

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Offline, im not so happy, im not so happy about us resigning bibby, teague needs the experience in order to take over at the point from here forward and he's not gonna get that now, hopefully he doesn't become Acie Law all over again.

if we sign and trade Marvin we must get a 3 who can start in return...Josh CANNOT run the 3, I don't care what anyone says, you can't be an NBA SF and not be able to shoot, he can't shoot so he needs to stay at PF or kick rocks.

I like Joey Grahm and the kid that starts at sf for Indiana.

also you have sheldon williams on the list of players that can help us...that makes me laugh

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good response I

good response

I think Bibby will sign a 2yr deal, therefore Teague gets solid training under him. Law was given a chance to start and he sucked yet he was a killer coming out of college, plus ATL is tryna win now so I don't think backing up for 2 years a solid 11 year vet is a bad thing especially since Teague is only 19.

Josh would be shaky at the 3, I agree but we need size upfront. that killed us last season.

i like Joey Graham or Matt Barnes to be a back up 3.

i was looking at a list when i said Sheldons name, i am a dummy for that 1

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