Rookie's D-League Stats

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Rookie's D-League Stats

I found some class of 2012'ers doing well in the D-League. There were a few others with just one game played, but I left them off.

Jeremy Lamb - 28 ppg 6.5 rpg 3 apg 1.5 spg (leading the D-Leauge in scoring through 2 games)

John Jenkins - 25.5 ppg 3.5 rpg 3 apg (53/40/100 through 2 games)

Terrance Jones - 22.5 ppg 17.5 rpg 1 apg

Donatas Montiejunas - 24ppg 9.5 rpg 3 apg

Kevin Jones - 23.6 ppg 12.6 rpg 1.4 spg

Orlando Johnson - 22.5 ppg 7.5 rpg 3 spg

Kris Joseph - 21.7 ppg 7 rpg 3 apg

Kendall Marshall - 16 ppg 2.5 rpg 9 apg

Scott Machado - 15 ppg 4 rpg 5.8 apg

Henry Sims - 14.3 ppg 8.7 rpg 1 bpg

Quincey Miller -14 ppg 10.7 rpg 2.3 apg

Miles Plumlee - 14 ppg 9.5 rpg 1 bpg

Fab Melo - 7 ppg 6.3 rpg 2 bpg

Tony Mitchell - 9.7 ppg 4.3 rpg 2.3 spg 2 bpg

DJO - 18 ppg 5.5 rpg 5.3 apg

Anyone surprise you? Disappoint you? and anyone you think will be called up soon?

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Jeremy Lamb, I really hope

Jeremy Lamb, I really hope the Thunder bring him back up and give him some playing time. Martin is a free agent next year and he expressed being excited about being one of the top free agent SG's.

Might as well groom the young fella to play with Westbrook and Durant right now. I think he is the perfect compliment at SG for those two. He can be great on defense (which he will be allowed to focus his energy a lot more on playing with two dynamic scorers), as well as becoming an even better spot up shooter.

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I think it was a great move

I think it was a great move sending Lamb to the D-League, with all the defences focusing on him he'll be well prepared to be the first option in the second unit for OKC in his eventual return. I wouldn't mind knowing percentages, but 28 ppg is impressive no matter how you look at it. I saw him turn the ball over 3 times in the space of a minute in the NBA, for him to dominate the D-League that easily... damn.

Also, Motiejunas is not surprising at all, he's clearly a talented player, I think people are really sleeping on him as a future star; he just needs opportunity, and hopefully he'll get that in Houston, could form a really nice core with Asik and Harden.

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Terrence Jones

I'm not at all surprised about Terrence Jones. This guy would be a starter on some of the lower level NBA teams. Once he gets minutes in the NBA he will produce.

I do not see Fab Melo being anything more than a backup center or scrub starter.

The Rockets simply have too many PF's on their team. Out of Jones, Dontas, Greg Smith, Royce White, and Marcus Morris I see at least two of those guys being traded before the end of the season.

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the sad thing is as a

the sad thing is as a minnesota fan I would take montiejunis, or terrence jones over derrick williams, at least they have a position and they play hard. I loved watching them, machado, lamb and parsons in summer league. that was entertaining even though it was just summer league. I hope the rockets develope those guys(excluding lamb obviously) to form a great second unit

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Lamb has scored a lot but

Lamb has scored a lot but he's jacking up a ton of shots to get those points. I think the Thunder sent him down there and told to be aggressive, because he's definitely shot hunting. I think another interesting aspect of his game that he's shown is his PnR ability. He's actually run quite a lot of PnR and he's showing that he can be a really nice passer off of ball screens.
If you didn't know, you can watch whole D-league games on youtube now if you want. Skim the 2 Tulsa games and see how much Lamb is actually playing on the ball. His first game down there he actually ran the point down the stretch.

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I'm really glad to see Jeremy

I'm really glad to see Jeremy Lamb (as a Thunder fan) and Terrence Jones (as a UK fan) doing so well down there. Hopefully they can keep up the good play when they get called back up, whenever that may be.

I'm also glad to see Quincy Miller putting up good numbers. I feel like his knee injury he suffered his Senior year took a toll on him at Baylor and hopefully he can fulfill his potential with the Nuggets

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T Jones

He really needs to get some confidence. I've seen every Rockets game this year and he looked seriously shell-shocked out there. Reps, reps, reps.

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I expect recently sent down

I expect recently sent down Kendall Marshall to lead the d-league in assist after a few games.

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Miles Plumlee doesn't even

Miles Plumlee doesn't even average 14 PPG on NBA Jam. Tells you the kind of D is going on in the D-League.

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Lamb had another good scoring

Lamb had another good scoring night with 22 on a more efficient 12 shots, got to the line 10 times. He handled the ball a lot again in PnR situations but got ripped a few times and wasn't strong with the ball, turning it over 7 times.
This yr the emphasis should be on developing strength. He'll likely never be 200 lbs, but he should at least set a goal of putting on 10 lbs of muscle before the start of next season. He'll be able to protect the ball and defend better. Because he's so thin and weak he gets involved in PnR defensively and just gets stuck on screens.

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Kevin Martin is injury prone

Kevin Martin is injury prone - he has only played 74+ games in a season twice in his 9 yr career. J Lamb's time will eventually come.

I liked Jeff Taylor and John Jenkins out of Vanderbilt. Taylor is starting for the Bobcats, while Jenkins has had barely anytime on court with the Hawks. Much like Lamb, his time will come. I haven't given up on him either....

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