Rookie Power Forwards

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Rookie Power Forwards

A couple guys that have been playing well of late are John Henson, Thomas Robinson and Jared Sullinger. All three rookie power forwards have been coming on strong with the start of the new year.

John Henson - 11.3 ppg 9.1 rpg 1.3 bpg in 21 mpg in January
Thomas Robinson - 6.6 ppg 8.4 rpg 1 apg in in 19.5 mpg during last 5 games ( 10.7 rpg in 19 mpg during last 3 )
Jared Sullinger - 8.8 ppg 9.3 rpg 1.2 apg in 25.5 mpg in January ( going on 2 straight double doubles)

Which guy do you think will have the best rookie year, the best career and how would you rank them going forward?

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1. Henson 2. Sully 3.

1. Henson
2. Sully
3. T-Rob

Henson will have a better rookie year. T-Rob and Sully were up and down all season, but Henson shows a level of consistency that the other two lack. Sully will have the best career. When you have Doc Rivers as a coach and KG as a mentor, that's a setup for success.

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Sullinger could end up only being able to average slighty better numbers even if he is a starter for the rest of his career. In due time, I believe T-Rob will be the best amongst them. He is a versatile defender, can shoot the mid range, play on the break and above the rim. I really think he'll end up being an athletic David West.

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He absolutely killed the raps yesterday. Ed Davis was a beast for us but I've gotta admit that Henson shows a lot more offensive polish as a rookie than Ed did even in his second year. All Henson needs is muscle, strength and experience, cause from what I've seen he is very fundamentally sound on both defense and offense. Sullinger I think has a limited ceiling, people try to throw out the Elton Brand comparison as an undersized PF, but Brand had a ridiculous wingspan that allowed him to block shots and get his shot off against bigger opposing players. As for T Rob, I'll reserve judgement cause he's in Sactown..

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as far as rookie season and

as far as rookie season and transition from college to the NBA Henson looked not much worse even than Anthony Davis he is easily showing the best signs out of those three, but offcourse he is the oldest one too..

still i believe he has alot to improve and looks like he will have nice long career as a starter

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