rookie averages

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rookie averages

I know its early but My prediction for these rookie season averages ( 1-10 projected picks)

Griffin- 15 to 18 ppg, 6 to 8 rpg
Rubio- 10 to 13 ppg, 4 to 6 apg
Thabeet- 8 to 12 ppg, 8 to 10 rpg, 1 to 3 bpg
Hill- 10 to 12 ppg, 5 to 7 rpg
Harden- 9 to 15 ppg, 3 to 5 rpg,
DeRozan- 10 to 14 ppg, 4 to 6 rpg
Jennings- 10 to 12 ppg, 5 to 6 apg
Curry- 10 to 17ppg, 3 to 6 apg
Clark- 8 to 13 ppg, 3 to 5 rpg
Henderson- 10 to 13 ppg, 4 to 5 rpg

what do u think? Too high to low? Tell me a guy who u think?

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Appropriate time

Projections like these for the rookie year should wait until after the draft or at least after lottery since the teams that draft them will determine their role and levels of production

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well i think it depends

well i think it depends where they get drafted and what their role is .

so heres my predictions along with what team i think they would be best on

griffin- 15-17 ppg 6-7 rbg wherever he goes
rubio- 9-12 ppg 6-8 apg on clippers
thabeet- 5-7 ppg 7-10 rbg 2-3 bpg on wizards
derozan- 10-12 ppg 3-5 rpg on thunder(numbers will improve in a couple years)
jennings- 13-15 ppg 6-8 apg on t-wolves (would be very good on warriors, but i dont think he'll drop to them)
clark- 9-12 4-6 rpg on grizzlies
curry- 12-19 ppg 2-4 apg on knicks
harden- 15-18 ppg on toronto
johnson- 12-14 ppg 6-7 rpg on nets
ellington- 5-10 ppg on bucks(redd's backup)
maynor- 10-11 ppg 5-7 apg on charlotte
flynn- 7-11 ppg 5-6 apg on suns(backup to nash)


teague- 14- 16 ppg 5-6 apg on portland(if available) this is my biggest sleeper
mills- 7-10 ppg, 6-8 apg on portland(again, if available)
holiday- 8-12 ppg 5-6 apg on portland or lakers
christmas- 6-10 ppg on t-wolves(if risky enough to take them)

2nd round sleepers

thornton, hudson, akognon, taylor, and beaubois can all be good players someday..

this is just a guess, who knows how things will actually turn out

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I LOVE Christmas as the sleeper pick

Dionte Christmas is a guy who put Temple on his back and led them to the tourney. This guy is a bona-fide scorer, and a great shooter. Don't see much difference between him and Steph Curry, honestly.

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