Rondo to the Jazz?

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Rondo to the Jazz?

This is not a rumor. Just an idea. Tell me what you think.

Millsap and Devin Harris for Rondo and Jermaine O'neal

Why the Jazz do it- Obvious. They get one of the best young PG's in the league who has a pas first mentality and is stellar defensively. Obviously taking O'neal is doing the C's a favor. He does them no good.

Why he C's do it- I don't think they're totally satisfied with what Rondo does as the PG. They may feel it's time to move on and they may feel that Devin Harris might be an equal to Rondo offensively with the big 3 around him. At the same time they would acquire a guy in Millsap who put up 17 a game last year, very efficiently, at a bargain $7 Mill per yr. They also get to unload Jermaine, which would they would obviosly like to do.

Is this trade idea crazy? Any chance Boston does this?

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Not to sure

On paper it seems like a good trade but we seen devin Harris in the finals b4 and I don't think he would add what Rondo does and for the Celtics. Yes devin would add a couple more points but you br taking away a great defender, team leader and a tough minded player that fits in with the Celtics Toughness. Them getting millsap is a plus but don't think him and Harris wouldn't bring the Lil things Rondo do to help his team win.

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