Rondo deals?

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Rondo deals?

So rumors are out, yet again, that Rondo is available. If they were to deal him, what do you think they should look for in return?
Here's my guess-
Boston gets Jennings/Dalembert
Milwaukee gets Rondo

Boston has a complete starting 5, with a pg that can shoot plus a center to pair with KG. This is a move to win now and I think they can take the east this year.

Milwaukee, gets a defensive pg to pair with their young defensive bigs. If Ellis decides not to opt out, he and Rondo would be a nice pairing, same with Reddick, if they were to acquire him. Just not sure how happy Rondo would be to be dealt there.

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i know this will never happen

i know this will never happen in a million years but does anyone like rondo for amare, shumpert?

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No sir, I don't like

No sir, I don't like it.

Amare does not play Celtic's ball.

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Why is Rondo always

Why is Rondo always available?

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Because he is Boston best

Because he is Boston best young asset.

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Because Boston views him as a

Because Boston views him as a good player not a franchise player, look how well they are playing without him just justifies them shopping him

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What I don't understand is

What I don't understand is why Boston would need to view him as a franchise player. They don't pay him like one, he makes 12 million a season which is 1/5 the soft cap and only 17% the hard cap at 70 million, which a big market like Boston will either always be at or have dropped salary below it just to maneuver around and sky rocket above it again. That is money for a solid, very solid, unquestioned starter, not a franchise player. Much like Horford's deal which is almost exactly the same, its a very fair deal that doesn't hand cuff a franchise or make a player disgruntled by being heavily underpaid. I see why they would get a lot of calls for Rondo and Zach Lowe at Grantland wrote a good article about how Rondo metrics and mercurial-ness may lead one to believe the C's are better off without him.

I think even though he is so good, that many teams may be scared to bring him in knowing they will have to surrender the franchise to him even though they won't have to break the bank.

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To answer Indiana, I think

To answer Indiana, I think it's because Ainge loves to act like he's willing to make any and every move...and then he ends up doing absolutely nothing. The one midseason trade he did make was kind of a head scratcher...

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