Rodney purvis

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Rodney purvis

All the hype so far have been on marcus smart ok so based on the amount of threads an posts we should have an overview on his ability. but lost in all of these hype is rodney purvis who did play well also in that game and is having a good freshmen campain so far. As far as talent in my opinion purvis is up there with smart . So i would love if someone could post a scouting report on him and maybe a purvis vs smart matchup in these categories ( better athlete, passing, shooting, slashing, rebounding, potential and better nba pro ). Thanks

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hard to disagree, IMO i still

hard to disagree, IMO i still give the edge to smart..i think the 3 players all really close to just breaking out and becoming house hold names are purvis, goodwin and smart. id say those 3 are all right at the same level and it should be interesting to see what happens to them

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Rodney's a good prospect in

Rodney's a good prospect in his own right, but I think what makes Smart the more appealing one so far is the fact that he's playing the point. I think Purvis at the point would be just as intriguing of a prospect as Smart. He's not quite the leader and passer that Smart is, but he's a good playmaker and has better scoring and breakdown ability.

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