Rockets&Cavs Trade

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Rockets&Cavs Trade

Houston gets Anderson Varejao and Joey Graham;

Cleveland gets Chase BudingerTerrence WilliamsBrad Miller,and Marquis Blakely

From this trade,Rockets will add a normal size defender in their paint。If they can sign another FA center such as Tyson ChandlerMarc GasolDeAndre Jordan,or Samuel Dalembert,I think they will be very comfortable with their center position even without resigning Yao Ming.

On another hand,Cavs got some release for 12-13 season’ salary cap。Plus they also received a couple of wing players in this trade。I do believe most of the Cavs' fan will accept this deal if they got Enes Kanter in this year' draft。

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Not a big impact trade but I

Not a big impact trade but I think it is a good idea.

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I don't think so, Houston

I don't think so, Houston giving up alot for a player who hasn't played in almost a year. PLUS, he is overpaid.

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