Rockets vs Griz

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Rockets vs Griz

Rockets are toasting the Griz as of the end of the third quarter. I really have to say that the Rockets are about in the best long term position of any team other than OKC and the Heat. All the Rockets players are young. They are locked up for the next few years or will at least be a restricted free agent. Even this year, as these guys learn to play with each other and get more experience, this is going to be a deadly team. But man they could keep this team together for three years in a row (I'm talking all the starters and the first few guys on the bench, no changes). They would know each others game so well by then they would be running plays be sign language and telepathy.

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I agree. A lot of people

I agree. A lot of people dissed them even after they beat New York but it appears they kept winning and NY has slip up some. It is a 82 game season and Houston will make the playoffs and may grab a higher spot than many thought. Also Lin is playing well and give it 10 more games and his stats will be better than Felton's.

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