"Robbery" Amongst Athletes (MUST READ)

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"Robbery" Amongst Athletes (MUST READ)

A lot of us sit & speculate to the reason why a guy leaves school early, but no one actually knows unless the player releases the information himself. It was brought to my attention the other day in a thread, that Donte Greene's motive for leaving early was to be the Bread Winner for his family, which is acceptable by all means. The one thing that is NOT acceptable, about leaving early just to be a Bread Winner is that you are there for that reason & that reason only. If one decides to go pro just for the money they are robbing themselves of a "Dream" they always claimed to have.

We on the outside cannot be so quick to judge a player for trying to become a professional athlete to provide for themselves & their families, but again if they are not in it for the LOVE of the game they are robbing family friends fans etc. along with themselves. A player will not last long at all with that type of mentality. IMO 80-90% of these athletes come from a low income family with a lot of poverty to overcome. How can "we" sit and tell one to stay in school when his mother have been working 2-3 jobs as a single parent to provide for her household, no kid wants to see their parent stress & work that hard, just to make ends meet every week/month. In all honesty there is no one I see in the NBA, that will play for free or pay to play like they make Semi Football Leagues do. The ultimate goal as a kid jumping into the athletic world is to make it big, so your family does not have to suffer any longer if they are & that's the God honest truth.

Guys like a Grant Hill, Kobe Bryant versus an Allen Iverson, LeBron James is 2 different scenarios.

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Allen Iverson

talk about coming from a poor background

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"talk about coming from a

"talk about coming from a poor background"

Sewage drain in your LIVING ROOM!!!! Does not get slummer than that IMO.

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^^^^ Try Living in Dove Cove


Try Living in Dove Cove son

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Mikey V, TOL-23 & the rest of

Mikey V, TOL-23 & the rest of you, where are you for this topic of discussion.....Would love to hear from you all.

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Why is this a "MUST READ"? I

Why is this a "MUST READ"? I just lost a minute of my life.

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Really dude stop with the

Really dude stop with the "come on dude were are you we would love to hear from you" that is gay ,stop riding his dick

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I will say this over and over

I will say this over and over again....we are wanting players to be successful on the court for our own selfish reasons. Lets break this down. Some of us here are adults and have full time jobs. Some of us live above our means, some live accordingly. Whatever you do is your business. Whatever makes you happy. There may be someone on this forum that makes $25k per year, then there may be someone that makes $100k per year. A minimum wage player can make $100k in less than a month.

Back in the days, there were many men that had to drop out of grade school get a job to take care of whole families. They sure werent seeing NBA dollars. There is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of yourself or your family period...whether you love the game or not. There are risks in taking any job. What we have to realize is, if you can offer a guy the same amount of money he will make in the NBA doing something else, then they probably would do it, if they dont have as much of a love for the game as we say. How many people hate their jobs? How many wish they could be somewhere else on a particular day. It works the same way with ballers, its just that the rewards of their work are much greater monetarily.

We are making a bigger deal about this because basketball is different than any other sport. Do you know that there are boxers than turn pro at 15 years of age and they have &$#%#&@! early careers because they have to face men in the ring? They do it for the money, thats their trade, thats their skill. If it puts food on the table so be it....they may have a shorter career or they could turn out to be great....who knows there are examples of both.

It doesnt help the IQ of the league, but personally, there is no better feeling than getting paid to do something you love. I think we look too much at when a guy goes pro, isnt ready, and is out of the league in 3 or 4 years. In that time they couldve made $3-4mil. Whether they are smart with that money is a whole separate issue that really doesnt have anything to do with ones ability to earn.

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i truly think if you have the

i truly think if you have the ability and mindset to succeed as a nba player, it doesnt matter if you come out too early or stay 4 years or whatever. It might take awhile for the guy who comes out to early, but he will figure it out if he has the motivation and puts in work.

As for guys leaving college early becasue they need the money, i could honestly care less. Im sure most athletes are able to be both motivated by finances as well as love for the game and competitivenss. I cant get mad at anybody chasing that money. I just get mad when they do get paid and then stop working. You listening shawn kemp?

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First these colleges don't

First these colleges don't let blacks in now they want them to play for free!

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A: Who is robbing


B: Why is this a must read?

It is sad some guys with basketball talent come from poor families. They dont deserve more money becasue of that. What about the poor people who are 5'5"? Fvck them short people? What about uncoordinated poor people who are 7ft+?

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baltimore is a tough

baltimore is a tough spot...ill never hate on someone who leaves college early...its their choice

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It is a tough situation but

It is a tough situation but still with the talent most of these NBA players have that get drafted young. They could at least be a solid bench player at worst. It does suck when a players stops caring about his game and just sits on the bench making tons of money. It hurts the game and system for the future generation. I am talking about those who get paid close to max money(see Eddy Curry) and dont even play because they are not working out like they should and get injuries based on conditioning. Guys getting drafted dont get paid much compared to guys that are actually on their second contract. Also most drafted players dont pan out anyway. Donte Green looks like he can at least contribute somewhat even though, he may has come out as a more mature player if he would have stayed an extra year like Barnes, Sullinger, etc.

It is tough though because I remember Garcia currently on the Kings who played a Louisville could have saved his brother's life if he was good enough to turn pro early.

That didnt seem to help Dexter Pittman's brother who got killed before draft day though probably because his brother was getting drafted.

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Basketball is a career choice

Basketball is a career choice for NBA players whether they are rich or poor and every player is going to make a different individual choice regarding their career, just as others do outside of the basketball world. Some guys leave early because they want to help with family finances and others come from more means and do so because their stock is high and they don't want to risk an injury playing in college next season when they could maximize their draft status now.

There is no right or wrong, just different paths. Some choices pay higher divends, but its' a career for these guys whether their dad is a multi millionaire who played in the NBA, a business man, or if their dad is a crack head they never met. There is no rule, but rather individual paths. Not everyone has what it takes to succeed in their feild, basketball or not, and you're right we can't tell a player what is right or wrong for his personal life, but we can make comments on what is good for their career.

If a junior who is 30 hrs from a degree or a raw freshman, averaged 10 ppg and doesn't look like he's going to get drafted ( happens every year) wants to roll the dice declare, not get drafted and maybe get a contract in Europe to provide for his family, then more power to him, we can't hate on that. A man has to do what a man has to do, but we can comment on his decision from a career standpoint, another year may have raised his stock enough to get drafted thus maximizing the money he could make and give him the opporutnity to play in the NBA then I feel that is a valid criticism.

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