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Dwight12, I saw your earlier posts. They are very good thoughts and I would like you to keep posting them. As of recently (since I got home and saw 100 new threads) you have been either calling out people or giving messages that no one wants to hear. Please Just stick to basketball topics and limit yourself to 2 threads per day. Everything will be fine then. If you can't do that, you should really leave. This is a great site and I come here often for great info on just about anything basketball. So please don't ruin it.


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I agree with 175% of everything you said

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I have no problem if this

I have no problem if this guy just stays on the site. It's just gotten unbearable and I wouldn't mind in the least if he just stayed off the site and &$#%#[email protected]! himself.

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I know man

I was talking to someone for about two minutes and when I come back all the forum topics are about d-12

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