Ricky Rubio

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Ricky Rubio

This game against the magic should really determine how much he is worth. No Love,Martin or Pekovic, He needs to stand up and be a leader. Personally his production as a player I feel is only worth around 8 mil factor in marketability you could make a case for 10. Anything more i think he will be overpaid.

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He had 18 and 10 assists but

He had 18 and 10 assists but they lost 100-92.

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Rubio has proven nothing

Rubio has proven nothing other than the fact he's NOT a top guard in this league. He's absolutely one of the best passers, but I can honestly think of quite a few teams who have guards on the bench or co-starting I'd rather run my team. Until Ricky dedicates himself to better defense besides racking up steals and learning how to either shoot or attack and score like Rondo, he's worth no more than the 7 Calderon received, and even that is high given jmc's ability to play at a near 50/40/90 clip.

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How much better can he get on

How much better can he get on the defensive end if he is already a top defender in the robbery category? Does he get his by being a sneaky defender versus playing man-up D?

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I was wrong

During one of those "who will breakout this season" threads, I predicted Rubio was going to really come on strong this year. I was mistaken. Don't get me wrong, Ricky is a very nice player, and he has marginally improved his shooting from last season. Still, he's not what I expected him to be.

He seems to have lost "something" from his game post-injury. Maybe I'm glorifying the past, but from what I remember during his pre-injury rookie campaign, Rubio was taking control of games on both ends of the floor. Sure, his shooting was bad, but he made timely shots. He was all over the floor, not just getting sneaky steals, but also getting up on the opposing pg's. He also brought more energizing flashy plays game in-game out (Maybe that had more to do with the run and jump athletes that were on the team at the time-I don't know). Now he tends to blend in more often than not.

I miss old Rubio.

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I'm in awe that any GM would pay him $7 Million

I'm looking at his stats and watch the games... I can't believe I just read $10 Million? Really?? He is probably the main reason the Wolves can't make the playoffs... He can't shoot and they sag off him... I can't believe he may get $7-$10 Million... That make 0 sense to me... I would say a one year contract would fit him well... No way I'm giving him more years...

I'm not mad that you guys think that's what he's going to get. I'm mad that he's going to destroy someone's salary cap and not worth that money... He had ample opportunity to prove how good he is... He's simply not...

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Ricky Rubio

Better version of Kendall Marshall

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