Rick Adelman

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Rick Adelman

Is it just me or is he one of the most underrated coaches of the last 20 years, he always gets his team to play hard and has coached some really good teams. He was the Kings coach who except for some terrible calls in game 6, would've won a title in 2002. Also when he was the Rockets coach in 2009 Yao and T-Mac was hurt but he got his team to play really hard and took the eventual champs (Lakers) to 7 games. Thoughts?

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Couldn't agree more, injury

Couldn't agree more, injury and David Stern have plagued his career. He's a fellow Loyola Marymount alumni as well.

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I used to be one of Rick

I used to be one of Rick Adelman's biggest supporters, but I have to admit his handling of Derrick Williams has given me some doubt. He seems a very impatient coach; he wants the win every night and doesn't really develop his players by allowing them to play through their mistakes. He gets results, certainly, but I think he's very set in his ways and doesn't adapt to the personnel he has very well; he likes a particular type of player and doesn't have much patience for those players who don't fit that mould.

He's a great coach to take over from a Mike Woodson or the other coaches noted for developing young players after they have become veterans and have the fundamentals, but it just seems he doesn't suffer fools lightly.

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The guy's record speaks for

The guy's record speaks for itself, he's only a few wins off 1,000 career wins and would be only the 8th guy to achieve this, he's taken a team to the play offs 16 times but has never won the big one. He has been unlucky with injuries with the T-Wolves but does perhaps need to take a more longer term view with a young team.

With Rick being 66 years old now, he'd logically want the T-Wolves to be as relevant as possible now but with a young team this may take longer. I fully agree with what Omphalos says above and maybe we will see the best out of what Coach Adelman can bring to the T-Wolves over the next year or so when he gets a fully fit roster and the team develops a bit more.

Some coaches do have a set view and someone with Coach Adelman's achievements must be respected for this and hopefully the T-Wolves job will bring him the results he wants soon.

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