I think James Hardin brings a lot to the table like Mitch Richmond. He the fasted looking guy in the world but he scores really well and I think down the road he could be a 20 point per game scorer. Then he could team up with Chris Mullen and Tim Hardaway and run endlessly over the whole league.(haha) What do you guys think?

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Are you kidding? Hardens

Are you kidding? Hardens biggest knock is that he isn't a great athlete and that he is slow.

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I think James Harden is more

I think James Harden is more of a Brandon Roy/Paul Pierce type player.

I believe in his prime, he will be a 20ppg guy who will be overlooked because he's not a highlight reel dunker

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i think james harden most

i think james harden most compares with michael redd. both are great, left handed shooters with sneaky quickness. i believe harden with have similar success to redd and in a few years be a good scorer.

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I think Bubblebutt meant to say that he isn't the fastest guy in the world.

He would be a great fit for OKC with Durant and Westbrook. He would give OKC the second shooter they have been looking for. It is pretty rare to find a wing who can score, shoot, pass and play defense.

Of course Thabeet also fills a need and Rubio is extreamly talented. No matter what happens, they will be an exciting team next season.

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I meant to say he was not the fasted guy in the world. Sorry I checked it twice. I didn't mean he play's like Mitch just that he could put up the same numbers in couple of years.

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