Richard Hendrix

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Richard Hendrix

hes on the magic summer league team. and the fans down here really like him, i mean really like him.
so he might make the roster and be nice backup to bass or mcdyess. yeah im confident we will land one of them if not both. but i was wondering do anyone knows anything about him.

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He played for Alabama before

He played for Alabama before being drafted in the second round last year I believe. He's not a great athlete by NBA standards, but he's strong with extremely long arms who plays hard.

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thetruth87....yeah i've seen

thetruth87....yeah i've seen Hendrix play in person he is a solid player. Good role player to bring off the bench. He provides toughness and quality rebouding in the post. A little undersized but has a big body. Reminds me a lot of players like Blair, Big Baby, etc... Henrix can't really shoot that well but I think the Magic should pick him up. They need some depth bad.

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hes alot like brandan bass

just a big banger inside

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I like Hendrix he can be a

I like Hendrix he can be a really good role player off the bench. He can be a Milsap like player who can bang and get garbage baskets.

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Could Richard Hendrix make

Could Richard Hendrix make the Magic? maybe, they are a team without much depth player-wise. I don't think he will, but he put up decent stats in yesterday's first summerleague game.

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