Ricardo Ledo and his draft stock?

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Ricardo Ledo and his draft stock?

Where do you see him going if he enters this year?

NBA combine could boost his stock if he enters.

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anywhere from late first

anywhere from late first round to undrafted depending on his combine. i say someone takes a chance on the guy because of the lack of certainty in the talent in this draft. i haven't seen enough of him to say he's the next big thing, but i know he has some very nice highlights. but then highlights can make anyone look good. and because of that i don't know if he will last in the league. i think he will get drafted in the forties. at that point he is worth a risk.

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Wouldn't it be amazing if

Wouldn't it be amazing if Ledo came back and dominated the college landscape like McLemore did as a red-shirt freshman? I mean, he certainly wouldn't take 1st spot from Wiggins (or probably 2nd from Parker) but it'd be pretty special if we had another red-shirt freshman come in an tear it up after being on very few people's radar. That said, he might not even have to do too much to be drafted him, look at Dion avoiding workouts and sneaking into the top 5, it's nuts.

I hope he doesn't declare this year, the only way a player like him will be successful is if he's a high draft pick and teams consider him an investment, he's not the sort of guy teams will be patient with otherwise and he could be relegated to a JR Smith type position.

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outside of the lottery. he

outside of the lottery. he will go to a team who is pretty good and can afford to wait on him to develop. I would like to see him play in college but if he doesnt, I just dont see why anyone would use a lottery pick on him unless he absolutely impresses in the combine and team workouts.

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couldnt aghree more. Im not to sure about the coaching staff at PU but they got some players the big east could be quite down next year (watch out for stjohns next year though).

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I'd say he goes early to mid

I'd say he goes early to mid 2nd if he declares this yr.
I think he'd absolutely have to kill his workouts to sneak into the first. By that point he'd be all in.

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