Reporter asked NBA players who would win 1vs1 between Kobe and Lebron

Nov 1, 2011

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Idk I'm with john wall.

Idk I'm with john wall. Lebrons a better defender, rebounder (more posessions)and efficient scorer. Not to mention better ballhander and more athletic. I don't see Kobe stopping lebron as much as Lebron stops Kobe. Most people analize this from an offensive stand point. But Kenton's strength and getting to the rim for very high percentag shots while Kobe gets more of Kobe shots. Also I believe lebron averaged the highes yrcentage in the restricted area in the league. And that's against a team team defense. I don't see Kobe stopping to many lebron drives. Comes down to making the most of each possession and getting stops.

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Are talking about kobe in his

prime or kobe right now. Doesn't really matter, Kobe will win but his age would determine by how much.

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