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The NBA has for years been accused of fixing games.  These playoffs
were no different.  The non-call on San
Antonio's Brent Barry where Derek Fisher clearly
fouled him will be remembered until next year's playoff series; especially
since Joey Crawford was the ref at center court who could have made the call. 
Joey Crawford is the same referee that was reprimanded by the league for trying
to fight Tim Duncan and throwing him out of the game for laughing and smiling
on the bench.  Maybe Coach Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs should
have given him cookies (watch the video).

The NBA needs to drastically change the way the games are refereed for the integrity
of the Pro sport.  Tim Donahue has put in question the game 6 of Lakers Vs
Kings (Where Robert Horry establishes his cements his playoff legacy) and many
other games.  Basketball is the one sport where the media, the league, the
coaches admit that not all players are created equal in the rule book.  If
gambling is to be allowed and if the game of basketball is to flourish the
"Superstar call" needs to leave.  There is no need for it in the
game.  If a ref see's a call it should be called whether you name is Kobe
Bryant or Jim Bryant.  Superstars are good enough to be better than the
rest without the extra calls.  The Superstars are so used of getting these
calls that when a Kobe Bryant is defended by a Lebron James they get upset
because neither gets the calls that you are accustomed to.  

How can the NBA expand globally and have affiliates when there are serious
questions on the officiating?  Until all players are officiated based on
their play and not their reputation or marketability there will always be
questions if the NBA is fixed.

The following link is an Outside the Lines report on how the referees have
started fraternizing with the organizations, coaches, players:

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Worst ref ever...

Jim Burr

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