Really Kevin Garnett? Really Utah Jazz?

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Really Kevin Garnett? Really Utah Jazz?

I honestly can not believe that Kevin Garnett would rest this game of all games. At home versus the Celtics biggest rival? Rest the game before, rest the game after. This is honestly unexplainable and inexcusable. I will go as far as to say cowardly.
Who passes up a chance to end the win streak to rest?!?! SUPER WEAK.

2nd topic. Utah Jazz. As of right now, they are a little bit past half way through the 4th quarter down by 4 to the Knicks (no Melo, Chandler, or Amare) and the Knicks are going to the line.
They have yet to put their starters in. Favors is missing every free throw he takes, and they are being outplayed.

Is Ty Corbin on something? Does he care about making the Playoffs? If the Jazz lose this game I will lose all respect for that coach. Lakers lose tonight, and if the Jazz win they take back the 8th spot. Now the Jazz are down 8.

This is nonsense!

Props to Jeff Green on the big night! Too bad they came up short.

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