Realistic Trade Proposal

I am a raptors fan.
I would really like to know how people think about this trade!!
Please comment.

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ok. firstly, I think that

ok. firstly, I think that this trade is scratched for at least 6 months as I doubt anyone will take a chance on Amare or Shump whilst they're still injured.

Also, New York are having a lot of success with Melo at the 4, and that seems to be the way the NBA is going (OKC having success going small, Heat with James at the 4, etc), so I don't think that swapping Amare for Pau solves the problem in their eyes.

Lakers are giving up a lot for Amare, even if he was healthy, and Amare struggled playing alongside a true centre in O'Neal- his most successful periods were playing the 5 for D'Antoni, not the 4 spot.

Toronto would probably do this deal for a healthy Shumpert, and an injection of intensity. But I doubt very much that either New York or LA would.

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Thanks for the comment,

Thanks for the comment, appreciate it.
I think the Knicks need more inside presence when their threes aren't falling.

The Lakers would have to take Amare, but also get a good point guard Calderon.

Every team wins in this trade.

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honestly, i only see the

honestly, i only see the knicks winning in this deal and thats because they unload an uninsured maxed out contract of an injury prone player for a maxed out player thats still contributes and has a better health history. not to mention, his contract is a year shorter. they do loose their young defensive point guard, but its a player that they havent had while they developed the right kind of chemistry. so the gamble of the deal is worth it for them.

i dont see it working out for the raptors because of artest. i see the logic behind the shumpert/calderon swap, to create a steady identity on who the starter and back-up point guards are. would see why artest would idealy fill in that sf need they have in the starting line-up, and if it was simply his ability it would work, but with artest comes a lot of baggage. and i honestly dont see him realistically taking this trade happily and could wreck the locker room aura of the raptors. a player who has had a history of being a headcase, currently on the tail end of his peek, moving from a "contender" to a rebuilding team does not show confidence that he'll be a good soldier and the kind of vet around your young core.

as for the lakers, they end up loosing gasol for amare which is a downgrade move IMO due to his health and contract, not to mention his lack of success of playing beside a top caliber center. and the swap of calderon to boost their back-up point guard spot for artest who is playing well for them this season and ideally fits d'antoni's system since he's a 3 able to guard 4's in this league. D'antoni's roster has had the most success with 2 small forwards who can stretch the d on offense, while having the ability to guard opposing power forwards and one big man who can finish well near the rim or from mid range and excells in playing of the ball. playing gasol more as center and dwight less would actually be a better fit for the lakers. this deal helps the point guard depth in d'antoni's system, which is integral, but at the same time down grades their front court which is just as important..

honestly, with D'Antoni as the head coach, the lakers would be better trading dwight to the hawks for josh smith and starting him next to gasol and artest over having a twin tower front court of Howard and Gasol or Howard and Amare.

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