Ray McCallum beastin

Today and in those new highlights of him.

he dropped 22p-6a-5r-2s in 28 minutes in todays opening game.


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Yeah hes nice, If anyone

Yeah hes nice, If anyone reminds me of Russ Westbrook its him

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He looked like a 2nd round

He looked like a 2nd round prospect when I watched him in the NCAA tournament last year. He was really outclassed by Tyshawn Taylor, but he is young and if he keeps improving, I think he could be a late 1st rounder or maybe even slide into the 18-22 range.

I think the thing he lacks, right now, is experience against top level college competition. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge proponent of Mid-Major players, but it usually takes them a full 3 or 4 years to gain the experience playing against other NBA quality players multiple times. He's got a lot of tools, and I think after this season, he could be ready to make the jump.

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i think he has lotto talent

i think he has lotto talent this year.

----top PG prospects----

1- CJ mccollum

2- Lorenzo Brown

3- Trey burke

4- Ray Mccallum

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Who is #23? Those 2 together

Who is #23? Those 2 together is an athletic nightmare

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Ray plays nothing like

Ray plays nothing like Westbrook......He's a slow it down type PG, pick and roll you to death. Athletic? Yes, Quick? Sorta, Explosive? Yes, Crazy open court speed? No, he's a 2nd rounder when he comes out.

#23 is Doug Anderson of Kalamazoo,MI, went Juco 2 years and at UofD for 2, alot of scouts in HS thought he could go to the NBA because he had NBA athleticism but not the skill level, went to Mott CC which is the best JUCO in the country year in and out and is known for getting guys to reach their potential, but Doug's skill didn't improve, so he's more likely going to go overseas when he's done.

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Dudes looks athletic

Dudes looks athletic

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i agree with you taylor gang

i agree with you taylor gang mike he does have alittle russell westbrook in his game i see it i see more of westbrook than alot of other prospects that are compared to him lately

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