Ray Lewis

I'm just curious what everyone's personal opinion on Ray Lewis is?

He has been my favorite player and the reason I started watching football in 1999. Many people call him a murder when he hasn't been convicted or had any real evidence against him. More recently people attack his faith and his emotional expressiveness. I just want to know how everyone feels.

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i havent gone into great

i havent gone into great detail researching the murder issue, but didnt ray admit he left the scene of a murder with his friedns who told him in the car what they had done and he didnt come forward until the news broke and hisname was out there? I mean thats really f'd up if true. Doesnt make him a murderer or mean he should go to jail or anything, but it does speak volumes about your character as a human.

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The story goes he told his

The story goes he told his friends in the limo just keep quiet and he says he didn't know that people were killed and he was the accused until he returned to his hotel.

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It looks like ESPN has given

It looks like all the commentators on ESPN has given him a pass and are pretty much saying it isn't a big deal. Cheating is cheating. If Lance Armstrong is getting so much heat Ray Lewis should as well.

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