Raul Neto Utah Jazz

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Raul Neto Utah Jazz

I am probably a bit Bias because i from Europe, and i dont think many people have heard of Neto. But he is playing for Utah Jazz right now against Brooklyn. I really really like this guy. For those who don't know, he is from Brazil and he has played at a high level for men in ACB in spain. He won Eurocamp MVP this summer. and was drafted in the second round this year. When he was playing today i loved it. It seemed every time he got the ball he had some form of creativity up his sleave. He looked not fazed by the pressure and very comfortable. Made some very nice passes. Im not saying he is the next tony parker or whatever .. but i think he could turn a few heads. Have any of you guys seen him play ? are you impressed or not so much ? Thanks for reading

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He looked good

I liked what I saw from him today. I had only ever seen him 1 time before, and thought he could play in the NBA. Today, he confirmed it. Could be a nice back-up... Had some nice moves, broke pressure well and kept his head up. Good showing.

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He threw an incredible side

He threw an incredible side arm pass at the beginning of the second quarter. It was beautiful, just beautiful. I hope they bring him over for the 13-14 season.

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he can ball

he can ball

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I have only seen him in one game

so I don't have much to go on. He looked very good on offense; took care of the ball, got the ball to where it needed to be (when it needed to be there), showed that top level athletes won't take him off his pace (which is huge for a PG).

I didn't like his defense though. He had to sag off a lot when guarding the ball and that could really hurt against guards who can shoot.

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