Raptors Sign Valenciunas

It is finally official. The Raptors have anounced that they signed Jonas Valenciunas Wednesday to his rookie scale contract.

Even though this is just a formality at this point, I'm still pretty excited. Can't wait to see him in the Olympics in a few weeks.

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I wonder how good Jonas

I wonder how good Jonas Valanciunas actually is. The other foreign 7 footer who didn't join the NBA until this season Donatas Motiejunas is looking pretty good in summer league and he went 20th. Seeing as Valanciunas went 5th, I'm expecting to see him be as good or better than Motiejunas.

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Jonas is going to be very

Jonas is going to be very good. For a guy who just turned 20 he will have size, skill, and profesional experience. What will set him appart from a lot of other European big men, Motiejunas, Andrea Bargnani included, is that he plays a tough inside game. He will have good short range shooting skills, athleticism, inside post skills, but the main facets of his game will be tough inside defence, shot blocking, and rebounding. This is why I believe him to be a fantastic player to match with Bargnani long term.

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Foul Trouble

Let's just hope he isn't always in foul trouble, like Amir Johnson.

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