Raptors re-building plan

What moves would you make to fix the Raptors if you were the GM??

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Another year under Casey’s

Another year under Casey’s system should help reduce Toronto’s tendency to give away points at the foul line, but a bigger impact will come from having Bargnani in the lineup for a full season and the addition of Lowry. Bargnani averaged 5.6 free throw attempts per game last year and could have made up half the discrepancy in attempts on his own if he had played the full season, plus Lowry averaged 2.9 more attempts per game than Calderon. Next season, the huge gap in free throw attempts between the Raptors and their opponents should be reduced.

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Portland Trail Blazers –

Portland Trail Blazers – Although seemingly on an island with this opinion, it’s hard to see the Blazers not making some serious noise in the NBA this season. LaMarcus Aldridge – a proven scorer who finished in the top-10 in the NBA in that category last season- appears primed and ready to lead a young and talented Portland squad in 2012-13.

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L.A. simply doesn’t have an

L.A. simply doesn’t have an athlete in the backcourt, not a young, explosive one (Kobe Bryant is 34 years old).

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