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Most forums are closed, so here is a new one for people to throw around some ideas for the team. It does appear that we will be oging through a complete rebuilding mode, so there are a few questions to address.

1) Bosh will probably go to Miami or Chicago, maybe New York. hate to say it, but it looks like he is definately leaving.
If he went to Miami, and we got Beasley and a few picks that could work well. I think that Beasley could do pretty well in Toronto, and could play 3/4 (not a new thought), but we could also really use some of those draft picks we gave away over the years getting rid of bad contracts.
If he goes to Chicago, we would probably get a few picks, and probably a young player or two. The deal would probably involve Deng. Bosh would probably go to Chi only if Lebron goes there, and so Deng would be expensive for them.
New York ... we had better get some good future picks, or some great compensation.

2) BC will look to trade Turk and Jose. Wondering what we will be able to get. a recent forum has asked about Turk, so what do we do with Jose? Will we be able to move him? If we get rid of him, how do we fill the backup pg spot?
If we send Turk to Sac for Nocioni and a big (maybe Hawes) it would be a coup.
Jose is good if he stays healthy and can play 30 min a game. He would be huge off the bench.

3) I hope we keep Amir Johnson, he was big off the Bench. Keeping Wright for the right price would also be good for his attitude, if nothing else.

4) With these potential changes in mind who do you think we will take in the draft? Thinking either one of the bigs (Davis, Whiteside, Aldrich, Udoh, Patterson), Bradley, Henry or even George.

5) BC likes to make small changes, so what type of pick-ups would you like to see? I heard the raps want some more picks.


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As much as I'd love to keep Bosh, it's not going to happen so to respond to all your thoughts:

1) I don't really like any scenarios involving MIA or NYK. Best for us and best for CB4 would be CHI. He gets to go to a contender and from all the stuff I've been reading, he get's to pair with LeBron. We get some solid assets such as Deng, Gibson, and a pick (if there was a way to get Heinrich included do it; Maybe for Jose?)

2) I really like this idea of Turk to SAC for Nocioni and Hawes. Believable and fills a need for both teams. Turk is an upgrade over Nocioni and they get rid of Hawes (probably because they'll draft Cousins if he's available). We get rid of an unhappy player and get 2 useful rotation players.


4) Personally, I like Whiteside alot. I'd love to see him become a Marcus Camby type player to pair with Bargnani. He has more offensive upside than Udoh and Aldrich's shot is so ugly. Davis is a duplicate style of player to Bosh which means Bargnani would have to stay at the 5 spot and that wouldn't be good. Bradley has been popping up on alot of draft sites as coming to Toronto but I'd hope they could get him with a pick aquired from the Bosh sign and trade.

5) more picks would be nice but in the scenario(s) we just went over this would be the lineup:

C Hawes - Whiteside(13th), Johnson, O'Bryant
PF Bargnani - Gibson, Evans
SF Deng - Nocioni, Wright
SG DeRozan - Bradley(17th from CHI), Belinelli, Weems
PG Jack - Heinrich, Banks

A solid group with some young players to build with. Not to mention some cap room


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Raptor's Off-Season

1) I really don't understand what Bosh's intentions for this summer are. First, he says he wants to win and Toronto over these 7 years hasn't provided him with that. Yet later, he states that he wants to be the franchise player and not some second option to another superstar. Well make up your mind man! If he signs with us, he will definitely be the focus of the team, but will it result in a championship? Most likely not. Maybe the Raptors just weren't built well, but my perspective on the matter is that Bosh is not good enough to be the main man on a contending team. Thus, his best situation would be in New York where they could also sign a guy like Joe Johnson, who is very talented, but not enough so that he leads the team over Bosh. I'd like to receive David Lee and either Chandler or a future 1st round pick if this were to go down.
2) Jose is actually a very good back-up, but on a team where defense is nonexistent, he cannot stay. I think we should send him to LA for Farmar and their late 1st round pick this year. LA receives their point guard replacement for Fisher and we get rid of alot of cap while still maintaining an equivalent amount of skill in Farmar.
3) Yes, I also agree that Amir and Antoine need to stay. They've shown their value in just sheer hard work for what they lack in talent. However, they can not be under any circumstances, our starters for next season. They provide us with good energy which should come off the bench as a spark.
4) For this year's draft, I'm really liking Avery Bradley, mainly for his strong ability on the defensive end. Nonetheless, he is also athletic and talented on the offensive end. A two way player is obviously very useful in the NBA. This would also be good if we were to trade either one or both of our current PG's in Calderon and Jack. Bradley and DeRozan could create a very explosive backcourt with tremendous upside. If we were to get a big, I would like to see Whiteside get drafted. Again, he provides solid defense which we sorely lack and he would move Bargnani to his natural position of Power Forward.
5) I also really like that future starting line up which you posted CanArmy. it actually is very realistic other than making the Turk trade of course because the King already traded those guys for Dalembert. I actually wouldn't mind seeing Turk play for us next year. I think that with a good training camp which he missed last year he will be in much better shape for the season. And also with the absence of Bosh, Turk can have the ball in his hands more often to create for the others. If this doesn't pan out, hopefully his stats will be good enough for a mid-season trade to a champion contending team.

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