Raptors @ Heat

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Raptors @ Heat

Ed Davis and Amir Johnson exposing the Heat interior to start. Combine for 3-3 in the paint.

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Anybody else annoyed that a

Anybody else annoyed that a player has to lose 2500 dollars because he swings his arms in disappointment? Technical foul on Cole is just crazy

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"Respect the game" is such

"Respect the game" is such crap.

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I i want to know why they

I i want to know why they wont call fouls on Miami at the end of the game

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and again alan anderson mixes

and again alan anderson mixes up his name with michael jordan...god damnit...will that guy just stop taking all these tough ass shots. if you miss one or two thats okay, pass it up next time...but no he goes and takes four more shots...wth....its not like he shoots a high % at all.

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