raptor offseason

i think the rapotrs should re-sign anthony parker
than sign gortat and trevor ariza
then trade kapono and o'bryant to nets for dooling and sean williams
draft earl clark with the 18th pick

line up:
PG- calderon/ukic/banks
SG- parker/dooling/douby
SF- ariza/clark
PF- bosh/williams/humphries
C- Bargnani/Gortat/pops

this roster is a lil weak at sg,but could look better if delfine comes back.. but set up good to deal bosh before the trade deadline if they are losing

what would you want them to do

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Is a Trade to the Bulls coming?

It seems like your GM is starting to recognize their fate when it comes to Chris Bosh. I know the Bulls really want him badly. They may be Toronto's trade partner at some point.

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