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What do you see in the raptors future? I know losing cb4 is devestating in the short term but I couldn't really see us winning it all with him as the franchise guy. Im hoping this will free up more shots for barg, demar and sonny to develop. Do you think the raps could be a top 4 team in the east in 3 years maybe? they have some pieces in place, if demar develops I think they could be contenders within 5 years hopefully..

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Great to see a new raps

Great to see a new raps fan

And its definetly a possibility for the raptors to be a top four team in the near future. If Demar develops a shot and is able to improve on defense, He could be a solid player for the raps. And Bargnani will be a future all-star if he keeps improving.

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y'all need to take this
Demarcus Oneal
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yeah but have great young

yeah but have great young players and Derozan if he skills ever come close to his athletcism will be a future all star and Barganani had a good year last year and hes now the number one option, This season ight not be pretty but at least we can watch sonny and derozan alley oops and dunks

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raptors future outlook

the raps future isn't necessarily looking bright, but it isn't as dim as many other teams around the league so there is something to hold on to. While we do have some good, young pieces, the team is not playoff bound this year or probably next. Things which need to happen..

-BC needs to take a more patient approach to roster moves/development. Avoid drastic number of changes as in the final few Bosh years and let the young players have the extra PT in an attempt to develop chemistry and weed out any who don't fit the system.

-Build through the draft. Build through the draft. Build through the draft. Even though we lost Bosh we received two significant pieces to our longterm success (our 1st pick and the TE). With this season looking bleak that 1st rounder will be top10, probably even top6, which will net us a blue chip prospect to add to the young core of DeRozen, Weems, Amir, Davis and Andrea. Around that pick one of the two top PG's will probably be available (Kyle Irving from Duke or Brandon Knight from Kentucky) and should be taken. Add a quality upperclassman 4 or 5 who can contribute right off the bat with the Heat's 1st rounder and were off and running.

-Use the TE this season wisely. With this seasons cap at $58.04M ( and the Raps having $62.3M ( committed to their current roster they have room to spare on a quality pickup from the team strapped for cash, or Minnesota, because conventional wisdom is not something they seem to understand.

With the right move with the TE and a good draft this year the Raptors could sniff the playoffs next season. But if not, then definately the year after as long as Colangelo (or the T.o media machine) doesn't get impatient and blows the whole thing up.

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