Random who would you want

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Random who would you want

If you had to pick between the two, who would you pick, and you can't say niether.
JJ Barea or Nate Robinson.

Both small players that can score in bunches, and can bring a spark off the bench. But I would say both can shoot too much and make poor decisions. I wouldn't want either on my team (unfortunately I am a Wolves fan), but I would say JJ just for the fact he draws alot of fouls and really can get under a guys skin.

What do you all think?

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Nate, he's at least a

Nate, he's at least a somewhat serviceable defender. JJB is a liability.

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JJ is a better playmaker for

JJ is a better playmaker for others but Nate is the ultimate competitor with one of the biggest hearts in the league, so I'd take Nate, but barely.

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Even though I hate him I

Even though I hate him I would take Barea. He flops every time someone bigger than his tries to post him up. It is ridiculous how much he flops and the refs still call a foul. It blows my mind when I watch him play, but it works for him. Nate Robinson is a much more skilled player, but somehow Barea gets the whistle blown more even though he is an obvious liability on defense.

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Barea all day. I don't even

Barea all day. I don't even know how someone who watched the 2011 Finals could say Nate. Barea is the definition of a proven performer - amd on the biggest stage to boot - but Nate is wildly inconsistent.

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nate, hes just...better

nate, hes just...better

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JJ only because I see him

JJ only because I see him being a very effective sixth man where Nate I can see at max being a backup PG at best.

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@omphalos Yep. Barea turned


Yep. Barea turned that series around vs Miami. He was the only player who could penetrate that defense.

I'd go with him over Nate.

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