Random Thought - Steven Adams

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Random Thought - Steven Adams

I know the draft is coming up Thursday, but I have been sitting here trying to find a good comparison for this guy. Is it just me or does he remind anybody else of a stronger Joakim Noah? He is athletic, hustles, a very underrated passer, developing his offensive skillset with Tim Duncan and Brook Lopez over the summer, and knows how to get under the skin of players. What do you all think?

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I tend to stop playing the

I tend to stop playing the comparison game once they player is already in the league for a year.

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Steven Adams

He reminds me of Kendrick Perkins pre-ACL injury when he was with Boston. He has a much higher ceiling than Perk, but I think that's where he is right now.

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Robin Lopez is fair. Adams

Robin Lopez is fair. Adams will never have Brook's post game, and will never have Noah's passing ability.

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My best comp for Steve Adams

My best comp for Steve Adams is Bogut. Solid understanding of defense. Tough, physical play inside. But also has good offensive potential and court awareness

Note, this is Bogut before his elbow injury, which really hurt his offensive game

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