Quinn Cook vs. Yogi Ferell

Who will have a stronger season next year?

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I'm a homer, but I think Yogi will have a bigger role next year in the overall offense, scoring as well as setting up scorers. He's gone from 165 lbs to about 180+ this year and the added muscle mass has affected his shot. Next years IU offense will be more motion than post based. Cook may be good, but I think Yogi will be more involved in a better offense for him next year.

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Quinn Cook, Rodney Hood and

Quinn Cook, Rodney Hood and Jabari Parker enough said. And I'm a UNC fan

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Yogi Ferell, dude is

Yogi Ferell, dude is lightning quick and next year I think with Oladipo and Zeller leaving he's going to have a break out year.

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Yogi. He's already shown

Yogi. He's already shown good progress in his jumper, can get into the lane whenever he wants to, has very good vision and is already really good defensively. He won't be sharing the ball with Hulls next yr. I think the Indiana team next yr will be he and Sheehey's.

How about Quinn Cook vs Shane Larkin? I'll take Larkin since I think he's already better than Cook.

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Shane Larkin is as good as

Shane Larkin is as good as his name. Baller.

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