Quincy Miler

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Quincy Miler

I had the craziest dream last night. I was in the parking lot at the Pepsi Center asking Quincy Miller for his autograph. He then walked over and shook my hand. I then said "I've always liked you as a player but I honestly think you should have stayed at Baylor, so you wouldn't of had to been a second round pick as a freshmen". He then said "F*ck you punk" and threw me on the ground. I got back up and he put me in a headlock. Then I cheap shotted him in the balls and he let go of me. As I pinned him on the ground, I started banging his head against the concrete until his whole face was scraped and covered in blood. Then Javale McGee came and pulled me off of Quincy.Then I woke up and now Quincy Miller is my new least favorite player in the NBA.

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Hey that's a nice fake

Hey that's a nice fake account you got going there.

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