Questioning Die Hard Fans??????

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Questioning Die Hard Fans??????

I have been wondering for the longest time that if your team moves to another city, do you still root for them or jump ship to another team, because your home team abandoned you? If you were a "DIE HARD FAN" did you follow the team to the new city or did you just give up & say they hell with basketball? Prime examples- Vancouver Grizzlies-Memphis Grizzlies,Charlotte Hornets-N.O. Hornets,Seattle Supersonics-OKC Thunder,New Jersey Nets-Brooklyn Nets etc.

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I would stick with the same franchise...

Regardles if they moved to a different city. However, if after leaving, my city was awarded a new team down the road...I would be a bit torn. I then would probably develop a split personality, and follow both teams with interest.

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I still love my Sonics. Even

I still love my Sonics. Even though Clay Bennett is a snake and stole our team away, I still root for them. The Sonics will be back one day, but as of right now, I still follow the Thunder

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like most fans idk but im

like most fans idk but im pretty sure i would still love the blazers but if the knick left id hate them

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no luv

i couldnt luv my team if they ever left my city. I mean i kno players dont have anything to do with with moving to other cities but i think its not the same. rooting fo rsumone in another city

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When my hockey team left my

When my hockey team left my home town, I felt the biggest sense of betrayal, and definately stopped rooting for them. Just having moved to Indiana, I'd probably stop rooting for the pacers as well if they moved. I might still follow some of th eplayers, but not root for the team. Used to live in Canada, so when the Memphis Grizzlies moved, I almost stopped rooting for them, but having ties to Memphis, it was hard to stop completely.

It all comes down to why you like, follow the team. if you are a "die hard" fan you probably love the team, no matter the players. In this case one would probably stop rooting for them. On the otherhand, if you are a fan that likes the collection of players on a given team, they might continue to root for the team one they leave.

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Heres the thing. If my

Heres the thing. If my Toronto Raptors moved it does not matter where they at all I will be a fan no questions need to be asked.

But when the Vancouver Grizzlies move I didn't continue following them.

My hometown team thou I will always have love for.

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I don't give a rats crap what

I don't give a rats crap what anyone says, when your team moves they don't deserve the love.

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