QHaynes123's Mock Draft

Here is my mock....Ill give you 1-14 with a little commentary and ill leave the full draft link on the bottom

1. Sacramento- Blake Griffin (Griffin at PF and could be a monster on a team that needs a face)

2.Washington-Hasheem Thabeet (Could be your dominate big man. very raw on O)

3. LA clippers-Ricky Rubio (Best PG in the draft, another "face" player, will everyone on that team better)

4.Oklahoma City-James Harden ( Mr. Everything in this draft, could pass-shoot and rebound well)

5. Minnesota -DeMar DeRozan ( High Upside, could be another VC, T-wolves need a good, tall SG)

6.Memphis-Jordan Hill (nice trio in Hill, Arthur and Gasol, this pick my be going to Suns for Stoudemire)

7.Golden St.-Earl Clark (Clark could do it all and him and Randolph gives GS two good trading chips)

8.New York-Tyreke Evans ( NYK needs a slasher. Evans may get time as a PG and SG)

9.Toronto-Gerald Henderson(GH adds defense to Toronto. He's my sleeper guy to win ROY)

10.Milwaukee-Brandon Jennings( Sessions is a FA, Jennings could be a good point with this roster)

11.New Jersey-James Johnson( NJ needs a guy to add size. Great Size and could rebound well)

12.Charlotte-Wayne Ellington( Ellington add a shooter and some more ability to the 2 spot)

13.Indiana-Eric Maynor( Indiana needs a floor general. He could help Rush and Granger and Hibbert)

14.Phoenix-Jonny Flynn ( Fast PG. Good leader. Could replace Nash. The Suns need to blow up team)


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good picks, my mock is very

good picks, my mock is very similar to urs.

i think jennings is really up in the air, its really hard to say if he his going be a star or turn out like malbury's little cousin telfair.

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Why is watching picking

Why is watching picking another non physical big man. They have length. they need a physical front court player. Thabeet is not it. All the other pick are doable but if Thabeet is not picked by Washington OKC which can use that length will pick him up.

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Washington is lacking

Washington is lacking a big wing..but there too high to reach. O think by adding a Thabeet you can solidify a big front line. Like i said if they really wanna make a splash.....Trade agent zero and Jamison and trade down and try to grab some FA's ( Artest) and start young

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Not sold...

i'm just not sold on B. Griffin. Yes he can jump. Yes he can rebound. But how effective will he be doing this against Man who are bigger and strong than him, especially at 6'8 or 6'9 and big questions on the defensive end. At best he can have a career that looks like carlos boozer(a good player but not a part of a winner).

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I feel you

ME TOO!! I have him #1 because Greene and Thompson can play the 3 spots. Blake Griffin doesnt take alot of jumpers and that may be the reason hes not taken number 1

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Griffin could average a

Griffin could average a double double his rookie year, I could see him putting up 15 and 10 (just on how active he is on the boards).

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