Przemek Karnowski next year's Alex Len?

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Przemek Karnowski next year's Alex Len?

Przemek Karnowski the 7'1 frosh for Gonzaga was a highly ranked prospect in Europe where he was named to the all tournament team in the 2010 U17 FIBA World Championships along with Bradley Beal, James McAdoo, Mateusz Ponitka and Kevin Pangos. This Polski has a lot of NBA potential but has only started one game so far this season for the Zags. Maryland sophomore and projected Top 5 pick Alex Len had a similar season last year to what Karnowski is going through this year. Len did not start his freshmen season either and only averaged 6 points which is less than Karnowski is currently averaging. Both Len and Karnowski were highly ranked international prospects who surprisingly chose to play college ball in the states over going pro in Europe. I have been following Przemek Karnowski along with his fellow Polish teammate Mateusz Pontika since they played against that U17 Team USA and I was surprised when I found out that he made the decision to play college ball in the states and I became very excited to watch him play for the season. I understand that Karnowski and Len are two very different type players but I find them being similar from how their both from Europe and struggled their freshmen seasons. Next year Gonzaga will be losing Elias Harris and Guy Landry Edi to graduation. However the Bulldogs will most likely still have Kelly Olynyk and Sam Dower both going into their 5th years of eligability. Does that mean they both are guaranteed to still get more minutes than Karnowski? I understand that Przemek Karnowski has some conditioning issues and still hasn't made the adjustment of living in the United States which Alex Len admitted to having issues with his freshmen season at Maryland. If Przemek Karnowski gets in better shape and steps up his sophmore season, I could easily see him being a lottery pick for the 2014 NBA Draft.

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I'm not sure about a future

I'm not sure about a future lotto pick but I think he does have mid 1st round potential. He's got plenty of skill with his footwork and ability to shoot and pass. I think one thing that would keep him from being a lotto pick is his combination of below average athleticism and length. The C position is likely his only future position, but he has the length of a below average to average PF which would impact his effectiveness on both ends of the floor.

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Really don't think there are

Really don't think there are much similarities between Len and Karno except that they are foreign and have to make adjustments on and off the court.

The games I've seen, Olynyk gets the lion's share of minutes. Karno hasn't really gotten a whole lot of extended minutes, but he has some nice feet for a man of his proportions. He can run up and down the court pretty well, but he definitely seems to lack verticality.

I'd call him a poor man's Marc Gasol.

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He's basically the same

He's basically the same height and weight as Shaq, yet he seems allergic to rebounding.

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