Prospects statistical ceilings

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Prospects statistical ceilings

What do you think? heres a few of mine

Jennings 23+ppg? 9 ast 5 reb
Rubio 13-16 ppg 13 ast 5 reb
Griffin 25 ppg 12 reb
Thabeet 12 ppg 12 reb 3 blk
DeRozan 25 ppg 6 reb 5 ast
Flynn 21 ppg 4 reb 6 ast
Harden 20 ppg 5 reb 5 ast
Hill 18 ppg 10 reb


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If Thabeet rakes in 12

If Thabeet rakes in 12 rebounds per game (assuming at least 4 are offensive), he would score more than 12 pts. He would be taking layups under the basket or getting fouled.

I don't know about Flynn and Harden scoring 20+ pts.

Lastly, 13 asts for Rubio? No way. Even for the best pg in the league anything over 8 ast is great.

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depends on what system they get drafted to. For example not many teams selecting where Jennings is to be picked would allow jennings to score 23 a night.

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griffin has no ceiling = :)

griffin has no ceiling = :)

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