Prospect opinions

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Prospect opinions

I wanted to get some opinions on some prospects that I've seen play a few times; Kelly Olynyk, Andre Holllins, Michael Snaer, Victor Olapido, and Anthony Bennett.

Now obviously Bennett is a potential high lottery pick and every scout is drooling over his upside and production but what do you guys see? Some say he compares to a Karl Malone but he is shorter than a traditional pf. Do you guys see him as a legit pf or a tweener ala Derrick Williams or Beasley (hoping that's not the case for him).

With the other prospects, let me know your opinions on them and take a guess at their potential range they get selected in the upcoming drafts.

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Andre Hollins is a beast.

Andre Hollins is a beast. Lights out shooter who's pretty good at attacking the rim and looks like he's grown into more of a PG this year too. He straight up killed my favorite team (Memphis) earlier this year. He should easily be a 1st rounder when he comes out.

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phil pressey

hey CA what's your opinion about Phil pressey ? i've watched some Mizzou games lately and i'm impressed with his play (ala ty lawson). do you think he has a shot at cracking the 1st round this year ?

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Saw Oladipo against Minnesota

Saw Oladipo against Minnesota and he really blew me away by theamount of poise he demonstrated in that game. Surprisingly also, he displayed very sound shooting mechanics and has really improved offensively this year, potentially he has a Ronnie Brewer (Utah) ceiling.

Looks like a first rounder to me, freak athlete that can play within a half-court setting and defensively being highly talented that'll create pressure and get steals which will ignite the fast break showcasing his fantastic athletic ability coupled with an improving jump shot and signs of shot blocking, there aren't many holes in his game at the moment. We'll see how well he performs against stronger teams but so far, Oladipo is having an outstanding season so far.

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^I think Oladipo will

^I think Oladipo will definitely be better than Ronnie Brewer

About Anthony Bennett, he could very well end up in the same situation Michael Beasley and Derrick Williams are in if he tries to play 3 in the league. I think he would be better off being an undersized 4 who creates mismatches with his athleticism and perimeter skills

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