Prospect and team match

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Prospect and team match

In this post I am matching prospect on a team I think they will have geat rookie seasons and possibly careers.

Trey Burke in SAC
KCP in MInnesota
Mason Plumlee in Boston
Steven Adams in Atlanta
Tim Hardawayjr. in Chicago
Shabazz Muhammad in NO/Wash
Kenny Kadji in San Antonio
Tony Mitchell in LAC
Shane Larkin in NYC
Jamaal Franklin in Cleveland
MCW in Dallas

These are just some of the prospect team matches I think would be great to see.

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I don't think Sacramento is a

I don't think Sacramento is a great fit for anybody, even Trey Burke.

I want to see Dario Saric in Dallas. Chad Ford has been saying that the Mavs want him and I think he would really get a chance there to show off his talent. And I think Otto Porter would look great in Washington, next to John Wall and Victor Oladipo would do well in Minny, complementing Rubio and Love well.

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The Kings need leadership, so

The Kings need leadership, so I agree with Sacto needing Trey Burke.

If Cousins can mature then I like a combo of Burke and Cousins. Patrick Patterson is a good guy to have. Jimmer doesn't have that much talent but he is solid and a guy who can stretch the floor. Isaiah Thomas seems like a spark plug off the bench. If I were the Kings I would build around those guys, pick up a few veterans, and be patient.

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Trey Burke would also be a

Trey Burke would also be a great fit on Detroit. He can be their franchise point guard with Knight off the bench or a small ball 2. Or, Victor Oladipo as an ideal 2 guard for Detroit.

What about Glen Rice, Jr. going to Detroit? He might be the guy they need. Maybe the Pistons can trade down to the Thunders' spot. The Thunder can get a big man (Alex Len, Cody Zeller, or if Steven Adams is shooting up the draft boards), and the Pistons can get Rice.

If Tim Hardaway, Jr. falls some, I think he would be good on the Clippers. He is a legit 2 guard prospect who can do some of everything. He would give the Clippers another guy who can get his own shot, and give CP3 another option on the break.

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Just a few

Steven Adams-OKC- Perkins seems to be growing less effective with each passing day so Adams would make a nice replacement and would have to be an upgrade over Thabeet or Orton or Anyone else the Thunder have tried to develop as a potential replacement. He would allow Ibaka the freedom to still roam and hunt blocks.

Victor Oladipo-SAC- while I agree SAC has been a terrible place to land for most, I'm gonna give the new ownership the benefit of the doubt (they are already talking about cleaning house in the front office, good sign). When trying to establish a new culture/environment the first thing(s) you need are players who not only work hard but are receptive to coaching. Tom Crean is one of the most demanding coaches (and a noted hothead) and all Victor did was get better every year in school. Snagging a hard working/high character guy like Oladipo would be an excellent start for the Kings.

Nerlens Noel-ORL- While both Vucecik and Nicholson were impressive this year, neither looks like they will be rim protectors or defensive wizards. Noel would be a perfect compliment to either guy on the floor which would give the Magic a ton of versatility with their front court. The fact that he'll miss the first few months so they can continue to stack L's is a nice bonus.

Otto Porter-CLE- Quite possibly the most perfect fit in this draft, has been discussed ad nauseum on this forum already. Nuff said.

Tony Mitchell-SA- The Spurs interest in Josh Smith was well documented. If Tony Mitchell is going to be be successful in the NBA he is going to have to do his best Josh Smith impersonation (the Good Josh Smith not the long two jacking turnover machine Bad Josh Smith). The Spurs have an outstanding track record of developing talent to fit their needs and Tony Mitchell could develop into an outstanding defender/rebounder.

CJ McCollum-PHI- Philly's offense has been a nightmare without Lou Williams to provide a spark off the bench. CJ would provide a lot of the same things Lou did. Not sure he'll be available when they pick, but they could certainly use his scoring.

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Bazz in Charlotte - he brings

Bazz in Charlotte - he brings scoring, competitiveness and a bit of star power to a team desperately needing all 3. He's a perfect match for MKG, his strengths off-set MKG's weaknesses and vice versa. I just hope MJ falls in love with his work ethic and looks past his "down" year in college to avoid making the same mistake he made in passing on Barnes.

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