Pre-season All America

Since it's never too early for projections, here goes my preseason All America team (based on who I think is staying and who is going):

G - Kendall Marshall

G - Jeremy Lamb

F - Harrison Barnes

F - Jared Sullinger

F - Anthony Davis

Extremely young team, 4 sophs and a freshman, but I can't really think of anyone that could compete with them.

I'd like to hear what you guys think.

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I see Rivers taking Marshall

I see Rivers taking Marshall spot on that list but another one of guys wont be on there becuz there will be probably a junior or senor having a bust out season like jimmer and kemba had

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Anthony Davis is not

Anthony Davis is not physically mature enough to make that big of an impact on college basketball

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@ riley - Rivers will be

@ riley - Rivers will be good, but Kendall Marshall's assist #s are gonna be ridiculous if HB comes back. Even without Black Falcon I'd say look for Marshall to approach 9-10 apg. Zeller and/or Henson could also make this team, but I didn't wanna sound like too much of a UNC homer. Kyrie Irving or Brandon Knight would be my pick over Kendall if either of them were coming back.

I'm really starting to hate this one-and-done crap.

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F- Harrison Barnes- 24 and 7

F- Jared Sullinger- 20 and 10

G- Austin Rivers- 19,5,5

G- Jeremy Lamb- 24 and 5 + 40% from 3

F- John Henson- 17, 10 and 3blks

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