Potential T-Wolves Draft

The Minnesota Timberwolves are terrible, and because I live in Minnesota I have no choice but to cheer for a terrible team. Maybe if we could keep some of the players we draft we could be good-- (Roy, Mayo, Allen). For this years draft I hope the guys at the Target center do something along these lines.

6th pick: Derozan

This guy could start for the wolves and play some long minutes, he's got some big upside and I just don't think that you could pass on his talent.

18th pick: Trade up. Possibly package it with the 28th or 45th.
Then try to pick up Teague, Evans, Curry, Jennings, Mullen.

We could go from a backcourt of Telfair/Foye

to a backcourt of
Foye/Derozan with Curry, Evans or Jennings coming off the bench as 6th man.

Give me some feedback

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I feel ya on the Wolves messing up a lot in the draft. Roy and Mayo would have been the best backcourt in the league after this year.
I agree 100% on taking derozan and trying to trade picks/players. Miller has to be of some value to a team where he would be a role player and try not to be a reliable 20 ppg scorer.
Landing a PG such as Teague, Flynn,or Maynor, would be an improvement.
We need Foye to be the third or fourth option, allowing him to be more a methodical scorer.
Can't change the past but can wish for the future, if we draft and trade another all star for cash considerations I'm boycotting and finding new team. (Trailblazers have a lot of young talent)

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