Possible Trade

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Possible Trade

I've heard the Heat were looking for a young center. So, I found this trade using the handy-dandy trade machine....

The Heat get their post presence down low who's young and can learn from Jermaine O'Neal.
The Nets get a backup at SF, cash, & Chalmers who can learn from Harris and have a backup at guard.

Next, the Heat could sign someone like Ramon Sessions.

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It would be a great trade if the nets were looking for a
young PG....

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wow, wth? Nets wouldnt get a

wow, wth?

Nets wouldnt get a PG because Harris is fairly young, and for a backup they have Rafer
Nets also wouldnt take on an SF because they just drafted T-Will
and if the Nets trade Lopez, they hav NO big man worthy of quality minutes..

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Sadly, Brooke Lopez might

Sadly, Brooke Lopez might have the third highest value of any true NBA center right now (1.Howard, 2.Duncan), it'll take a lot more than that to pry him away from the Nets.

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lol so the nets trade their

lol so the nets trade their 2nd best player for some backups? yea that doesnt really happen buddy

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You should change the name

You should change the name of this topic, because it isn't a possible trade.

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People need to put some

People need to put some thought into possible trade scenerios. Dont even post if you havent heard it from a credible source. Waste of time.

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pure garbage, please refrain

pure garbage, please refrain from posting stupid trades like this again. Brook Lopez is probably a top 5 center in the league right now and hes entering his 2nd year. Guys dont forget this trade is coming from a guy who said he was 5'5 with a 76 inch wingspan, hahaha

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lol u can't b serious

I think both pat riley and rod thorne wuld b complete idiots if this trade was even whispered, y wuld tha nets trade mayb tha best young center n tha league for someone who is gonna back up their allstar pg????

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If you weren't smart enough to know this doesn't make sense for the Nets it even says -6 wins as a result of the trade.

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Really really really helps

Really really really helps the heat. completely kills the nets lol. very one sided trade and if you know anything about the cap you know that they heat just cant go after sessions

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